Firebase | Using CloudFirestore in Flutter app

For people who are new to Firebase, Firebase is a server-less architecture service provided by Google it supports Android, iOS, Web and unity Projects. The Firebase service includes Realtime Database CloudFirestore Firebase Cloud Messaging Analytics and more Here in this tutorial we will learn how to use Cloud Firestore in Flutter Apps. Before starting please […]

Flutter Architecture # The State Management in Provider Way 💙

Managing the state of the application is one of the hardest job in architecting an application, Here in out Flutter application we will be using Provider package to Architect our application. Flutter comes with its own widget to manage the state of the application the StatefulWidget class A widget that has mutable state. Sample State management […]

Flutter, Getting Started with Firebase.

How to add firebase to flutter app ? Let’s get started. Step 1: Set up your environment provides a neat document on how to install flutter and setup your favourite IDE : Get Started Once you have completed setup create a new Flutter project with your desired name. Step 2: Create a Firebase project Before […]

Flutter, working with Tabs !

Most of you people from Mobile app development might know it and have used it. Here in this tutorial let us learn about how to use tab, control the tabs and swipes. Components of Tab Layout. Create the TabView Tab Controller TabBarView contents 1. Create the TabView. Import the material package which contains the widgets […]

HTTP Requests in Flutter with Dio Library | Node JS | MongoDB

Making HTTP requests in mobile application is one of the common tasks. Thanks to http requests application can communicate with backend and selects data. Flutter framework offers http package which works great when we need do basic stuff. When we need to do something more advanced we something bigger. And this can be done by using […]

Flutter Web : Create web app and host it with Firebase.

Flutter for Web is announced in Google I/O few months back as a technical preview. Here in the article let’s learn to create a new flutter web app and host the app to firebase with firebase hosting. Before we start, let’s just upgrade flutter, so we have the latest version. Inside a terminal window, run: Might take sometime relax, […]